PCB for daughter board received

I just received today the PCB for the daughter board for my RC car I was talking about in the previous post.  I am glad because the manufacturing looks good and everything is well aligned. I was a little bit wondering about that because this was the first time I had my own PCB manufactured.


This is a perfect timing because today I was not working, so I soldered everything (too bad I haven’t received my new Weller soldering station yet) .

I had several problems, fortunately nothing too serious. For several parts the size of the hole was too small, so I had to drill a bigger hole, trying to keep the pads intact. And for some other parts the footprint was too small, so I had some troubles to place my components. (You can see on the picture that it is a little bit tight on the “power” zone :-/ )


I am still testing the board. The power part is working fine, I have the +5V and +3,3V from the +12V input. The PIC is also working, I can communicate with it when the debugger is plugged, but I might have a problem with the MCLR pull up, I am not sure yet. I might also have a bigger problem with the oscillator, I cannot switch the PIC to the external oscillator configuration yet; I don’t know why and I am still debugging and trying to figure out; unfortunately I don’t have any oscilloscope at home to check the hardware.

Most important : the LEDs are working fine ! Yes I love make blinking LEDs (I’m just joking, hey !).

So I still have to fixe the problem with the oscillator, and then I will have to develop most everything for the software on the PIC (I barely started), plug it with the Raspberry Pi, and integrate everything.

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